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FENIX V24 APPS for your smartphone

Fenix V24-APPS is an application that allows you to easily control and check your Watts wireless central regulation system. This is done via text messages, which are sent and opened within a graphic interface on a mobile communications device.

The creation and sending of requirements to your central regulation system is now just a matter of several “clicks”, so you no longer have to write more complex text messages. Received messages also open within the application, where the information is clearly presented.

2014-09-09 10:21:51 +0200

Church of St. Gotthard, BOUZOV

Comparison of heating panels: FRICO SH250 and ECOSUN K+

On 16.10.2013 at the Church of St. Gotthard a test was carried out to evaluate radiant heating panels intended for the heating of church pews. The aim was to determine how panels from various manufacturers affect the thermal comfort of churchgoers, thus enabling the most suitable pew-heating system to be chosen.  > > >

2013-10-25 14:48:10 +0200

FENIX has further extended customer benefits

Dear Customers,
After many years of development in the area of high-quality ECOFLOOR cables and mats, FENIX has further extended customer benefits.

Since 01/11/2013 we are going to extend the current ten-year warranty to a lifetime warranty!

The lifetime warranty covers all defects of the ECOFLOOR heating system installed in residential buildings throughout the life of the floor covering.
The warranty conditions are:

  • User's registration at the company website, see here
  • Installation in residential buildings
  • Compliance with the applicable Operating Instructions for the product
  • The extended warranty applies only to the registered person and is not transferable

We firmly believe that providing of such an extensive additional warranty will give you another reason to select the ECOFLOOR products and you will join the tens of thousands of satisfied customers in 52 countries.
We wish you many happy years with our products.

Cyril Svozil, CEO Fenix Trading s.r.o., 23rd October 2013

2013-10-22 21:05:59 +0200

Choosing the type of floor heating to install

When creating an energy-efficient, economical and environmentally-acceptable project, it is useful to prepare an analysis of these aspects specially for the given building. Read the full article.

File is in PDF format. For its scanning you need Acrobat Reader programme 4 or higher version.
If you do not have this programme in your computer,
than you can download it for FREE from Adobe company.
Article of TZB HAUSTECHNIK 3/2013 0.3 MB download PDF
2013-10-22 08:34:20 +0200

Heating foils for electric floor heating


Correctly designed electric floor heating is, undeniably, one of the most luxurious and effective ways of heating. It has been used in Scandinavia on a wide scale since the 1990s, particularly with the arrival of what are known as laminate and wooden floating floors. A sign of customer satisfaction is not only the ever-growing number of such products sold, but also the relatively high speed with which they are spreading to more and more new markets.

With the growing popularity of heating foils, new producers and distributors have also appeared, mainly from Asian countries. They are trying to sell similar products, often without sufficient knowledge of how to produce or install them.  > > >

2012-04-03 15:06:11 +0200

A bit of theory about heating

It’ll help you understand how to determine the required output for heating, what heat loss is, why it is sometimes more advantageous to choose large-scale surface heating and sometimes direct heating convectors, if floor heating can really heat the whole house and why electric heating is the most suitable heating system for low-energy houses (LEH).  > > >

2012-03-19 08:36:31 +0200

Electric heating in an energy-saving detached house – part III

Real experience with heating and its influence on the interior environment of an energy-saving house in Moravany u Brna

The energy-saving REP-HOUSE is also fitted with photovoltaic panels

In the third part of the series about the construction of an energy-saving house in Moravany u Brna, practical experience with the heating system and the real operating costs in the previous calendar year are described, and also the quality and method of heating is detailed from the point of view of the location of the source. A comparison of the distribution of air temperatures in the vertical plane in a room with floor and ceiling heating was carried out.  > > >

2011-09-08 15:16:39 +0200

Electric heating in an energy-saving detached house – part II

The construction of an energy-saving house with an electric floor and ceiling heating system

The basic structure of the energy-saving REP-HOUSE

The calculations in the first part of the series of articles about the construction of an energy-saving house in Moravany u Brna confirmed that this design with its electric heating system will be very economical; the project author also appreciated the variability of the heating system, the accuracy of regulation and the high user comfort. Thermal comfort throughout the house will thus be provided by FENIX Jeseník products - for the REP-HOUSE, floor heating via ECOFILM foils was chosen for most areas, and ECOFLOOR heating mats were fitted under the floor tiling in the bathrooms and kitchen. In two rooms, the author designed ceiling heating using ECOFILM C foils. Of course, this is all with BMR central regulation.  > > >

2011-09-08 14:57:31 +0200

Electric heating in an energy-saving detached house – part I

A project to create an energy-saving house with an electric floor and ceiling heating system resulted in a very economic and comfortable home for the user

A sketch of the energy-saving REP-HOUSE

Expert, author and investor in one

The aim of the REP-HOUSE design project, an energy-saving house in Moravany u Brna, which was created through the cooperation of the author of the project with Fenix Jeseník (the largest domestic producer of electric heating systems and one of the REP-HOUSE project partners) is to demonstrate the capabilities of the contemporary building industry in the field of low-energy and passive structures. The author of the project is an associate professor at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of Brno University of Technology. As early as during his doctoral studies, he was engaged in research in the area of energy saving in structures and the possibilities of increasing the thermal resistance of masonry blocks. He lectures on the topics of the thermal protection of buildings and low-energy structures at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of BUT and thus it is logical that his own family home could function as a small ‘laboratory’ where he can try things out for himself from the position of a common investor – i.e. starting from the design stage and moving through the execution of the building up to its eventual utilization, including all the consequences of his decisions. From the beginning, it was therefore his main aim as the author of the project to design a house with internal thermal comfort both in the winter and summer seasons and simultaneously with an emphasis not only on the acquisition costs but mainly on the lowest possible operating costs.  > > >

2011-09-08 14:39:02 +0200

Ortotech s.r.o.

Ortotech s.r.o. provides comprehensive services in the area of orthopaedics, prosthetics, physiotherapy and production of tailor-made orthopaedic and prosthetic medical devices. While carrying out the renovation, the owners of the company decided to use electric heating to upgrade the heating equipment and especially to be able to employ their own production technology.  > > >

2011-06-16 16:03:20 +0200

Matyas House

Matyas House was built within the precincts of the Town Castle around 1479 and it was incorporated in the Miners' Bastion. The house is a tall four-storey building adjoining the Slovak Church. The majority of rooms are with flat ceilings, only some of them on the ground and first floors are barrel vaulted.  > > >

2011-06-16 15:25:20 +0200

New data on the electric energy and natural gas prices development in the European Union

Medial virtual reality keeps confirming the conviction that the growth of energy prices applies exclusively to the electric energy and the rise in the prices of gas remains almost without any comments.
What is the reality, though – let´s look at some hard data published by EUROSTAT:

Graph No. 1 Electric Energy Prices
Electric Energy Prices Development - EU (EUR/kWh)

 > > >

2011-06-09 14:51:40 +0200

Ecofloor in Golden Lane in Prague

The Golden Lane at the Prague Castle was festively opened after a year-long reconstruction on 1st June 2011. The main objective of the reconstruction commenced in May 2010 was to repair the obsolete rain water drainage system. The situation was serious as the status of the system was endangering the structural stability of the individual buildings.

During the renovation, a complete reconstruction of all underground services and internal wiring inside the total of 16 period houses was carried out. The whole renovation cost approximately CZK 34 mil, additional CZK 5 mil were invested in restoration works.

2011-06-06 10:37:42 +0200

Thermal Gradient Of Low Power ECOFILM Ceiling Heating In Low Energy Houses


In April 2010 the Fenix Group produced a report titled "ECOFILM Ceiling Heating in Low Energy Houses". The purpose of this report was to demonstrate that satisfactory thermal gradient comfort curves can be achieved for large area low power radiant ceiling heating systems installed in low heat loss properties.  > > >

2011-05-30 16:15:34 +0200

Test of Yunsor Radiant Panel and its Comparison with Ecosun 300 Panel

A video appeared on a publicly accessible web page
where the panel ECOSUN 300U is compared with a product of the Chinese company YUNSOR.
It is clear from the course of the test and its conclusions that the manufacturer does not have sufficient knowledge in the field of thermodynamics and his conclusions are entirely misleading:  > > >

2011-05-28 11:03:29 +0200