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KIEKETR CS s.r.o. Building in Prelouc

Originally contemplated hot-water heating of the KIEKERT-CS premises would require a new gas connection approx. 2 km long, a gas boiler house and a complete substitution of the original steam heating. According to the offers made, the total investment would be twice as high in comparison to electrical direct heating. KIEKERT-CS decided for electrical heating designed by the company UNIVE, using its own substation. The use of direct radiant heating as storage heating in the shop floor area with the consistent UNIVE microcomputer control and a qualified operation led to significant economic savings, consumption curve optimization, dust reduction and very good heating comfort. The total shop floor area is available to production.

Electrical heating control
The electrical heating control enables unattended operation with the possibility of weekly or monthly programming and data saving in case of mains failure. Temperature control – is carried out by means of thermostats on individual convectors, and UNIVE room thermostats and electronic thermometers in case of radiant systems. Time control – enables to reduce heating automatically in the period of absence and to control heat storage by Monotron switching clock together with UNIVE control system. Load control – enables gradual start of heating in individual objects. The UNIVE control system ensures a programmable start of heating powers in individual sections of the shop floor. UNIVE central control – enables, among other things, programmable hysteresis and heating with reduced power /only two rod heaters are switched on/. This concept uses perfectly insolation - heating is reduced in insolated sections.

Basic data of the heated object:

    1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000
Total heated area m2 10 396 10 396 10 396 11 228 17 537 17 537
Total heated capacity m3 36 385 36 385 36 385 38 976 71 220 71 220
Installed heating capacity kW 845 845 845 936 1913 1913
Electric power consumption kW (in thousand) 820 912 755 848 1128 1366
Electric power costs CZK (in thousand) 1 563 1 660 1 359 1 372 1 888 2 278

Comparison of Installed Heating Input and Electric Comsumption per Year

Heating Power Comsumption in Square and Cubic meters per Year

Economic Evaluation


Economic Evaluation Finally, it is possible to state that direct electrical heating used in the company KIEKERT- CS is very advantageous and economic from the viewpoint of investment as well as operating costs. The operating costs of almost 100% effective electrical heating do not exceed estimated operating costs of gas heating and investment costs do not even reach 50 % of planned costs of a gas boiler house. All the data above are the most convincing proof of the right choice of the heating medium. KIEKERT-CS has high demands on the heating system and the supplier. As it was said by the company representative, the company is satisfied with the designed type of heating, implementation of the order as well as service.

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