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Matyas House

Matyas House was built within the precincts of the Town Castle around 1479 and it was incorporated in the Miners' Bastion. The house is a tall four-storey building adjoining the Slovak Church. The majority of rooms are with flat ceilings, only some of them on the ground and first floors are barrel vaulted.

Matyas House

In October 2009 the Central-Slovakian Museum opened a new exhibition featuring the history of Banská Bystrica in Matyas House.
During the recent renovation not only the interior of Matyas House was completely renovated but wooden floors were built in Miners’ Bastion as well. The building now provides total 470 m² of exhibition space on three storeys housing a permanent exhibition and a modern air-conditioned depository on the top floors and in the loft with a total floor area of 300 m². Other cosy rooms are ready for a small café to be run by a sheltered workshop.

The renovation included heating of the historic building. Glass radiant panels by Fenix Slovensko s.r.o. were installed for that purpose.

Matyas House Matyas House

After consultations with the National Heritage Institute of the Slovak Republic it was decided to use white glass radiant panels which were considered the most suitable for a historic building. The delivered panels enable additional temperature regulation (they are equipped with a socket thermostat):
Panel GR 300 - 1 piece, wattage 300W
Panel GR 500 - 2 piece, wattage 500W
Panel GR 700 - 5 piece, wattage 700W
Panel GR 900 - 5 piece, wattage 900W

Heating of archives and storerooms was dealt with as well. It was decided to use 6 pieces of heating convectors Ecoflex El (2000 W each). The total price of heating elements was EUR 4,416.63 excluding VAT. The supplier was Elektro M Macháček Ivan.
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