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April 2014

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Multipurpose house after 15 years

The multipurpose house was built in 1936 as a military building and it underwent a complete renovation in 1995. The selected heating system comprises all existing types of electric heating from panel warming, through floor and ceiling heating, marble panels, to heating convectors.

The total floor area of the building is 2150 m2 and there are non-residential premises (1724 m2) and loft flats in the attic with the area of 426 m2.

The fifteen-year operation with zero maintenance or repair costs of the heating system has proved that the decision to use electricity as the only energy source in the building was right. The results achieved have remained competitive with other media even 15 years after putting the system into operation.

To get the full picture, it is necessary to mention that the building has not been additionally insulated, which means that the economic results of a properly insulated building would have been significantly better.

Graph No. 1. Heating costs per m2 of residential and non-residential premises from 1996 – 2008

Graph No. 2. Comparison of heating and domestic hot water energy intensity of residential and non-residential premises with the average in the Czech Republic

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