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April 2014

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New products

FENIX V24 APPS for your smartphone

Fenix V24-APPS is an application that allows you to easily control and check your Watts wireless central regulation system. This is done via text messages, which are sent and opened within a graphic interface on a mobile communications device.

The creation and sending of requirements to your central regulation system is now just a matter of several “clicks”, so you no longer have to write more complex text messages. Received messages also open within the application, where the information is clearly presented.

2014-09-09 10:21:51 +0200

New ECOSUN CH radiant panels for church pews

ECOSUN K+ radiant panels for the heating of church pews are one of the basic products offered by FENIX Jeseník since the very foundation of the company. This segment of our range has now been extended by a new radiant panel – ECOSUN CH (Church Heater).

ECOSUN CH radiant panels are designed to be installed under the seats of church pews
 > > >

2014-06-09 08:07:18 +0200

Heated rubber mats providing protection against cold emanating from floors

After the launch of S-MAT heating mats aimed at protecting entrance areas against snow and ice, we are now introducing a smaller version of the product – the heated rubber mat W-Mat. As its name suggests, heated mats are intended for use in protecting workers against cold emanating from floors – most often in industrial workplaces, where the character of activities taking place involves employees spending long periods in small and limited areas. These areas are typified by low ambient temperatures, as heating the whole internal space of a large hall is rather uneconomic. The use of W-MAT mats provides a significant improvement in comfort at work for minimal cost – the wattage of the mats ranges from around 100-300 W. The mats are not intended for use as heaters, but reliably eliminate the chilly feeling emanating from cold floors which is noticed by workers during long periods spent in the same location.

Miroslav Petr, Fenix Trading s.r.o., 13th February 2014

2014-02-17 14:57:45 +0200

ECOSUN G glass radiant panels with printed surfaces

The permanently growing interest of our customers in ECOSUN radiant heating panels has led us to expand our range to include a new product – ECOSUN G glass panels with printed surfaces. It isn´t a "new product" in the full sense of word; it is rather an innovation applied to our current ECOSUN G glass panels. Until recently these panels were available in black, white or mirror versions. Now, however, they can also be manufactured with a high-quality colour print that will turn your infrared heating panels into a unique interior accessory that cannot go unnoticed. You can find an overview of our range of motifs in our Virtual Gallery.

At present, we offer only the motifs shown in our gallery for printing on panels. However, as digital printing technology has no major limitations, it will also be possible to print images (photographs) provided by the user in the future.

2014-01-30 07:12:53 +0200

New products offered by FENIX this autumn

FENIX is entering the 2013/14 heating season with several new products that expand the current heating system portfolio to include new applications. These are mainly our new radiant panels, ECOSUN Terrace Heaters, a special heated rubber mat to make entering buildings safer during the winter season, and a new wireless central regulation system.  > > >

2013-09-03 10:41:41 +0200

The solution was to shorten the Ecosuns

Some applications do not make it possible to incorporate our radiant panels Ecosun S+ into a raw of fluorescent lamps so as to be in one line and create a harmonic whole in the interior. This is no surprise because a product of 1550 mm length, where the manufacturer requires that the radiant panel be 250 mm distant from other objects, needs a gap of 2050mm between the lights. Until now these applications had to be settled by existing panels Ecosun S+ and these panels were mounted across, i.e. crosswise to the raw of lights, drawing unnecessary attention.

Ecosun S+ Short  > > >

2013-08-19 08:12:33 +0200

Design was at the first place

More and more often do we find applications of our industrial radiant heating panels Ecosun S+ in offices or cafés as well as in homes. They are used as the main heating equipment in interiors or to increase the thermal comfort while staying out in the exteriors, such as restaurant gardens, terraces or balconies of residential buildings where they increase their users´ thermal comfort when spring or autumn temperatures fall below +5°C.

This fact has made us develop a radiant panel devoid of its industrial appearance, not expensive and easy to install and connect. Terrace Heater (TH) should be it.

Terrace Heater  > > >

2013-08-19 07:57:55 +0200

WATTS central wireless regulation

The growing demand of our customers for a regulation system allowing the central control of electric heating, which would offer comfortable and intuitive control alongside the possibility of extending the system without the need to alter the installed equipment, led our company to establish cooperation with a French company involved in the development of regulation systems. The result of this mutual cooperation is a modular wireless central regulation system with the option of floor, ceiling and wall electric heating control.

The basic elements are a wireless Watts V22 thermostat with a Watts V23 wall receiver and a Watts V25 socket receiver. A combination of these elements can control your heating system independently or can be controlled with a Watts V24 central control unit. With the addition of a Watts V27 GSM module you obtain the option of instant checking and partial control of the whole heating system via short text messages.

2013-02-27 16:41:06 +0200

Ecosun S+ and Ecosun S+ Anticor high-temperature radiant panels

In 2012 we completed the development of a new series of ECOSUN S+ products. The new series contains all the knowledge that we have obtained over 20 years of designing, producing and selling what are known as high-temperature panels. We also took into account results of overseas analyses and recommendations from sources such as the Thales laboratory in Australia. From 2013 our range of products will include Ecosun S+ and also Ecosun S+ Anticor, which replaces our Ecosun SBs products.

Ecosun S+
2013-01-07 15:17:35 +0200 2012-01-01 00:01:01 +0200

More news from the world of radiant heating

The world of electric radiant heating has seen a great deal of growth in customer interest over the last four years. Traditional markets such as France, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Japan have been joined by new ones – Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Interest in radiant heating products is also growing in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.  > > >

2011-09-26 10:01:30 +0200

ECOSUN G glass radiant panels

In 2008, FENIX extended its range of products to offer glass radiant GR panels – aesthetically unique products which combine pureness of design with the advantages of infra-red radiant heating. These panels are intended for vertical wall mounting but with the increasing demand for these products the interest in a ceiling version has risen. Therefore, FENIX has prepared a new type – the ECOSUN G radiant panel.

Ecosun G
2011-03-13 16:19:16 +0200

PFP heating cables for pipe protection

In July, FENIX extended their offered range of goods to include new PFP heating cables. These cables are intended to be used to protect pipelines against frost – e.g. water distribution pipelines which lead through non-heated areas.

protect pipelines against frost PFP heating cables
2010-09-09 09:42:06 +0200

HEAT-PAK floor boards for the placement of floor heating under a carpet and PVC

Today, floor heating is gradually coming to be considered standard equipment, and not only as a system intended for heating but also as a comfortable accessory for the household. Almost everyone has heard about the pleasant feeling which warm floor tiling brings into the bathroom and most of us know at least one person who uses this comfortable heating. Because of this, only a few people ask whether it is possible to place heating mats into the cement under the tiling – it has become something which is obvious and nobody finds this application unusual. However, the situation with other floor coverings is somewhat different.  > > >

2009-09-10 14:40:08 +0200

ECOFILM heating films for low-energy houses (LEH)

You can find several articles about the reasons why electric heating ranks among the most advantageous systems for buildings with very low heat losses – that is for LEHs and passive houses - on the Fenix web pages – both at a theoretical level (for example an article about the heating of LEHs or a comparison of heating costs for gas and electricity), and in the form of specific data about real consumptions for monitored reference buildings (LEH in Rasošky, LEH in Hradec n/M). It can be explained, in a very simplified way, that it is more advantageous to get a relatively cheap, easy-to-execute and also completely comfortable system, which the electric floor heating certainly is, rather than complex heating systems (e.g. heat pumps or condensing boilers), which can produce heat in a slightly cheaper way, but have the disadvantage that as LEHs have a very low consumption of heat energy, the difference in the cost of investment into such equipment will never return.  > > >

2009-05-29 14:37:25 +0200