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April 2014

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ECOSUN G glass radiant panels

In 2008, FENIX extended its range of products to offer glass radiant GR panels – aesthetically unique products which combine pureness of design with the advantages of infra-red radiant heating. These panels are intended for vertical wall mounting but with the increasing demand for these products the interest in a ceiling version has risen. Therefore, FENIX has prepared a new type – the ECOSUN G radiant panel.

Ecosun G

Structurally, this heater is derived from and continues in the tradition of the well-established ECOSUN radiant panels, which have been produced since 1990 and are the second most successful export product after ECOFLOOR cable systems.

ECOSUN G panels are fitted with a case with thermal insulation on the rear side, as with ECOSUN U panels, to prevent undesired heat discharge into the structure behind the heating panel. However, in contrast with the standard ECOSUN panels they are fitted with a limit thermostat and versatile grips which enable their installation both in a horizontal position on the ceiling and in a vertical position on the wall. The panel has thus become a versatile product which can be used in a wide variety of applications according to the requirements of the customers. They are particularly suitable for economical heating in low-energy houses (LEH).

The panels will be offered in black or white as standard, with outputs of 300W and 600W. In the future, the type series will be extended to include a mirror version as well. This product will be officially introduced at the international building trade fair ISH 2011 in Frankfurt, and subsequently also at the international trade fair SHK 2011 in Brno. Visit us at the above-mentioned trade fairs and view this product, or ask your seller for more detailed information.

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