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April 2014

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ECOFLEX –direct-heating convectors


  ECOFLEX direct-heating convection heaters are one of the first products used on a large scale for electric heating. Today, electric heating is mainly employed in the form of large-surface floor or ceiling heating (particularly in the case of low-energy houses), though electric convection heaters are still used. Quality, tradition, precise regulation and very attractive prices – FENIX convection heaters offer all of these.  

Radiant convection heaters

These products combine two different systems will all their advantages – infrared radiant heating (radiant heat, more economic operation, even distribution of temperatures) and convection heating (great dynamics, advantageous price/performance ratio). Thanks to radiation, they can also eliminate the so-called “cold floor” effect to a large extent and therefore should be given clear priority for installation primarily in residential buildings as the new generation successor to standard convection heaters.

Direct-heating convection heaters

These are simple, undemanding heaters that are easy to install and have zero maintenance requirements. Completely exceptional operating parameters can be achieved with them when precise electronic thermostats are used. FENIX ECOFLEX convectors are unusual in offering the option of control via a pilot wire (see the chapter Regulation of direct-heating convectors).

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