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April 2014

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Glass and Marble Panels

Glass and Marble Panels

  The simplicity and beauty of natural material is combined within glass and marble. With the use of these materials for radiant heating, aesthetically unique products have been created – GR (glass radiant) glass panels and MR (marble radiant) marble panels. These high-quality products are intended mainly for the heating of modern interiors and areas where great emphasis is laid on design purity and functionality. The heat radiated from these panels is very pleasant and natural.  

GR glass heating panels

GR radiant heating panels use the effect of so-called radiant heating with all its advantages – energy economy, limited circulation, drying of air, etc. Simplicity, the pure lines of glass, several colour variations including a mirrored version – all this is offered by radiant GR glass panels.

MR marble heating panels

Wall-mounted MR radiant marble panels combine the beauty of natural stone with the unique properties of radiant heating. These products are thus intended for aesthetically demanding interiors equipped either in a modern or classical style. Moreover, the construction of the panel combines the advantages of several heating systems – the economical operation of radiant heating, the higher dynamics of convection systems and the ability to accumulate heat in the marble board.

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