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April 2014

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Heating cables and mats


  The ECOFLOOR® registered trademark is used for products made from electric heating cables – heating cable circuits and heating mats. There are a great number of applications in which heat from heating cables can be used, particularly thanks to their amazing flexibility, relatively easy installation and basically zero maintenance requirements.  

Classification of ECOFLOOR products

The correct choice of electric heating cable product is necessary in order for the user’s requirements to be met. This chapter describes the types of heating cables which are produced, how they differ from one another and which applications they are suitable for.

Floor heating

As far as functionality is concerned, electric floor heating is completely identical to warm-water floor heating – however, electric heating is characterized by easier installation, higher flexibility and lower acquisition costs. It works on the principle of heating the floor structure to a temperature which is only a little higher than the temperature in the room. As this is a large area which is emitting heat, this system is capable of giving off enough energy to heat a room – therefore, it is generally known as large-surface, low-temperature heating.

Outdoor applications

In outdoor applications, the task of heating cables and mats is to prevent the creation of icing or snow on a designated surface or equipment. This usually includes driveways, pavements and staircases, and also eaves troughs, downpipes, gutters etc.

Pipe protection and special applications

With the help of ECOFLOOR heating cables, it is also possible to protect pipes for the distribution of water and other liquids, street inlets and wastewater pipes etc. Also, heating cable products for special applications are offered – for example cables which enable the casting of concrete structures even at temperatures below freezing point, or special heating sheets.

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