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April 2014

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Heating foil ECOFILM


  ECOFILM electric heating foils are a unique product intended for use for electric large-surface ceiling or floor heating of interior spaces. The main advantage is the thickness of the heating foil – only 0.4 mm (!), and the ability to provide heat across the whole surface – thus achieving the required performance at lower temperatures. In this way, building structures are exposed to less thermal stress and the surface temperature is distributed evenly.  

ECOFILM F –foils for floor heating

ECOFILM F heating foils are intended for use as floor heating for dry structures – under floating floors or with the use of supplementary HEAT-PAK underlays under PVC or carpets.

ECOFILM C –foils for ceiling heating

ECOFILM C ceiling foils are intended for use with plasterboard structures as ceiling-mounted radiant heating. The foils heat the plasterboard ceiling boards, which then behave like radiant panels.

ECOFILM Set –sets for do-it-yourself installation

See the animation...The laying of floor heating using ECOFILM foils can also be done as a do-it-yourself installation, namely with the use of ECOFILM Sets. A set consists of one strip of heating foil (offered in various lengths) equipped with 5 m long connection leads.


Other ECOFILM heating foil products

ECOFILM heating foils are not only for use in heating – the product range includes ECOFILM MHF foils for the prevention of mirror misting and ULTRATHERM heating foils for the heating of terrariums and vivariums. If you need something special for your application, we offer heating foils with an output of up to 300 W/m².

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