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Housing objects

Hrabovo Apartment Resort - Slovakia

Name of structure: Hrabovo Apartment Resort (Slovakia). Function of structure: Privately owned apartments. Location: Skipark Ružomberok – Malino Brdo / Slovak Republic. Application of electric heating: Ecoflex convection heaters, Ecofloor floor heating, bathroom heating rails and storage water heaters.

Hrabovo Apartment Resort is a complex of 7 apartment buildings with a total living area of 5978 m².  > > >

2011-07-14 07:42:12 +0200

A flat and detached house in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm

The following two applications were selected to be included among the reference buildings with installed electric heating - a flat, and a detached house in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm. In both of them, the heating was designed as large-scale surface heating, involving a combination of floor and ceiling heating with Ecofilm films, and in rooms with ceramic tiling, with Ecofloor heating mats. Control of the heating system is resolved via BMR central regulation in both buildings.  > > >

2008-09-23 08:34:34 +0200

Apartment Buildings in Kroměříž

The company MIRBAU s.r.o. is the executor of a developer's project for the construction of several apartment buildings in Kroměříž. This company already has experience with the construction and operation of the SportCentrum ZAPLETAL in Kroměříž, the whole of which is heated by Ecofloor electric floor heating via heating cables.  > > >

2008-02-18 09:06:22 +0200 2007-07-13 16:27:54 +0200