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Dear partners, potential customers, we thank you for your persisting interest in Fenix heating system products. Company Fenix prepared for you further technical support - comparative table of floor heating products FENIX and products of competitive company DEVI.  > > >

2007-11-19 10:22:18 +0200

Heating designing for large surfaces

Heating designing for large surfaces Ecofloor, Ecofilm 1.3 MB download ...
2007-07-13 15:28:31 +0200

Electric radiant panel heating

1. Purpose of use Electric heating panels are suitable to use where high user's comfort is demanded. It can also be used for very economic heating in environment where standard conventional heaters are less suitable. Radiation heatings of recommended types are suitable for assembly heights from 2,5 m up to 8 m. They can be very well combined with other heatings such as heating floors or convectors. They can also serve as a supplementary heating.  > > >

2007-07-13 15:13:53 +0200

Modernising of ECOFLEX heating systems

Electric heating systems ECOFLEX development has gone through many changes from the beginning of 90's. These showed themselves mostly in modernisation of operation of these heating systems.  > > >

2007-07-13 14:28:03 +0200