ECOSUN E radiant panels are an alternative variant to ECOSUN G glass panels. In the case of ECOSUN E panels the glass front is replaced by a panel sprayed with powdered plastic.
Ecosun E
Ecosun E

It is a versatile product which can be installed both in the horizontal position on the ceiling and vertically on the wall. It is suitable for both residential and non-residential spaces. The panel is fitted with a frame made of anodized aluminium, features versatile grips, and is made of thin profile – only 20mm. It can be mounted on a flammable base (C, D). The panel has a higher IP rating and is suitable e.g. for health care applications. The supply leads of the cables are fitted with a plug.

Ecosun E
Ecosun E detail
Ecosun E
Ecosun E
Ecosun E
Ecosun E


Type Output Voltage Rating Dimensions Weight Recommended installation Qty on pallet Cat. No.
[W] [V] [IP] [mm] [kg]   [pcs]
ECOSUN E 300 white 300 230 IP 44 600x600x30˟ 5.9 for ceiling min. 2.5 m,
or on the wall
40 5437140
ECOSUN E 600 white 600 1200x600x30˟ 10.0 20 5437142
ECOSUN E 850 white 850 1200x800x30˟ 13.3 15 5437145


Type Cat. No.
Cable suspension system for ECOSUN U, U+, K+, IKP, IN, G, E, GS 5401223
Ceiling fixing frame for ECOSUN G/E/GS 300 5401195
Ceiling fixing frame for ECOSUN G/E 600/850 5401199
Ceiling fixing frame for ECOSUN GS 500 5401196
Ceiling fixing frame for ECOSUN GS 600 5401197
Ceiling fixing frame for ECOSUN GS 850 5401198
Spacing set for ECOSUN GS/G/E 5401227
Supports for GS, U, U+, Basic, K+, IKP, IN 5401193
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