Modular system ECOFILM

A modular radiant heating system based on 5 cm thick mineral wool modules.
MH heating module
MH heating module

The system consists of both MH (Module Heating) heating modules fitted with ECOFILM foil and non-heating MB (Module Blank) modules. The non-heating modules are used to fill unheated parts and can be shortened and/or trimmed, unlike the heating modules. The modules are laid on the CD profiles of plasterboard and gypsum fibreboard ceilings. The supply cables of the heating modules, which are fitted with a plug, are simply connected to the backbone distribution system.

The backbone cable consists of a connecting cable on which double sockets are placed at regular distances of 1.2 m from one another for the connection of heating modules. Two ECOFILM MH heating modules can be connected to each double socket – the backbone cable for 4 modules thus has two double sockets, while there are three sockets for 6 modules, five sockets for 10 modules, etc. It is possible to have just one backbone cable in a room, but there can also be two or even more – depending on the number and distribution of the heating modules.

MH heating modules, like Ecofilm ceiling foils, must be covered by PE or PVC foil-min. thickness 0.2 mm (it functions as a second layer of electrical insulation). The user must place the foil under the plasterboard/gypsum fibre boards. Connection to the electrical wiring system may only be carried out by a qualified person. Any shortening is always done from the supply cable side-the original ending after the last double socket must be retained. The backbone cable is designed exlusively for the connection of Ecofilm MH heating modules.

MH heating module
MB non-heating module
Backbone cable - 10 modules
Backbone cable - 20 modules
The plug of the heating module’s supply lead is simply connected to the backbone cable
The axial distance between the double sockets is 1200 mm
Modular system ECOFILM

Ecofilm modules

Type Packaging Output Voltage Dimensions Cat. No.
[ks] [W] [V] [mm]
MH 0512/65 4 65 230V/50Hz 500 x 1200 x 50 6651102
MB 0512 5 - - 500 x 1200 x 50 6651105

Backbone cables

Type Cable length Connected modules Number of double sockets Cat. No.
[m] [max pcs] [pcs]
Backbone cable 4 4.4 4 2 6651110
Backbone cable 6 5.6 6 3 6651112
Backbone cable 10 8 10 5 6651114
Backbone cable 14 10.4 14 7 6651116
Backbone cable 18 12.8 18 9 6651118
Backbone cable 22 15.2 22 11 6651120
Backbone cable 26 17.6 26 13 6651122
Backbone cable 30 20 30 15 6651124