EUROPAP s. r. o. Plzeň – heating with high-temperature radiant panels Ecosun

The company EUROPAP s.r.o. was founded in 1992 as a paper wholesaler. In 1994 it began to develop itself also in the field of paper processing. After the installation of modern technological equipment in 1996 the paper processing became the principal activity of the firm.At present, paper processing and the related services – paper product production, hand-bookbinding, finishing and binding works - form the dominant part of the business programme. In the second half of 2006 the company had to transfer its production into new spaces. Since the in-process orders made the production impossible to be interrupted for more than the shortest necessary time, a new factory building was built during an unbelievable period of one month, the technological equipment was transferred and the production was restored.

The new building was added to the existing structures of an original plastic moulding plant. The construction was divided in two phases – during November 2006 a half of the building was built (closed by a temporary screen), the technological equipment was installed and the production was restored to the necessary extent. By the end of February 2007 the second half of the building was finished, the office facilities were renewed and the production was restored to the full extent.
The heating was originally planned using gas – the former offices located in the existing rooms are heated through the hot water system with a gas boiler and therefore the heating through gas radiators was considered for the new factory building. However, gas as a fuel was abandoned in the end because there was a sufficient reserve in the existing electricity connection and it was decided to heat the building by means of electricity.
High temperature radiant panels ECOSUN S 36 were installed in the new building. Radiant heating is much more efficient and economical in buildings with a high headroom than that of conventional systems. Moreover this system does not induce air circulation, which is a considerable advantage regarding higher dustiness in the paper processing production.
The change from gas to electric radiant panels has also brought other advantages. Regardless the lower purchase costs, the ECOSUN panels are more suitable for a paper processing plant with strict fire-prevention regulations because their surface temperature is lower than that of gas radiators. ECOSUN panels are a maintenance-free system which does not need to care of the air supply or exhaust outlet.

Technical parameters

Building dimensions:  32,3 x 33,5 m
Built-up area:  1082,05 m²
Counted heat loss:  213,3 kW
Installed heating input:  212,4 kW



Regulation is very simple – in the heated area the temperature is kept on two levels only – comfort and attenuation. With regard to the size of the building the area is divided into nine sections. Each section has two thermostats installed on the DIN-board in the switchboard with sensors suspended in space within the relevant section. One thermostat is set to the comfort temperature the other to the attenuation one. The switching between the thermostats is ensured by a time programmable regulator FLASH MONOTRON 200.

Purchase costs

Radiant panels ECOSUN S 36 59 pcs:  425.095,- CZK VAT excl.
Regulation:  37.790,- CZK VAT excl.


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