Supplementary products

Ladder radiators and electric towel dryers are intended to be used mainly in bathrooms, where they usually have the function of a practical accessory. However, they can also increase the performance of the heating system, e.g. in places where floor heating is the main heating system. On the other hand, electric touch-free hand dryers are more commonly used in civic amenities – schools, canteens, hotels, administrative buildings, etc.
KDO-E ladder radiators
KDO-E ladder radiators are curved – the transverse tubes are curved along their whole length and thus form a symmetrical arch. The heating rod is on the right bottom part of the heating ladder (from the user’s viewpoint).
KD-E ladder radiators
The KD-E ladder radiator is flat; it can be turned during installation – the heating rod can be on the right or left side.
Hand Dryers ZY-203
Electric hot-air units with fans - dry hands by hot-air current. Wall-mountable; hygienic operation thanks to the contactless switch ZY 203-A Plastic Hand Dryer 1800 W is a standard electric hand dryer with contactless sensor.

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