KD-E ladder radiators

The KD-E ladder radiator is flat; it can be turned during installation – the heating rod can be on the right or left side.
KD-E ladder radiators

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KD-E ladder radiators

As far as their structure is concerned, these are steel tubular units which are commonly used in warm-water heating systems. However, when these heating units are intended for use in combination with electric heating they are supplied in a self-contained state – i.e. they are equipped with an electric heating unit (heating rod), filled with an antifreeze mixture and sealed. In order to extend its life span, the output of the heating rod is approximately 30% lower than the real output of the ladder radiator. The heating unit is usually fitted with a coiled power supply cord ending in a standard plug.
A ladder radiator can also function as a practical hand and bath towel dryer. As electric ladder radiators are not connected to the domestic hot water system, such systems being commonly equipped with an expansion tank as standard, the expansion of the radiator filling (antifreeze mixture) needs to be considered. For this reason, the internal volume of ladder radiators is not completely filled and approx. 10% of the volume is left free of water. When handling a ladder radiator during transport and installation, the flowing of liquid inside the radiator may be heard; this does not mean that the product is faulty.
Depending on type, the heating bodies in the ladder may (or may not) have a thermostat – either directly next to the heating rod or at the end of the power supply lead. FENIX offers ladder radiators without a thermostat as standard as such radiators are often used as part of a whole system of electric heating where master regulation is installed and a regulator on the ladder radiator would be superfluous. However, if needed, a socket thermostat can be purchased separately which can control the operation of the ladder radiator. The removal of the plug for the connection of the supply lead to a wiring box is not a reason for voidance of warranty. Ladder radiators always have to be installed in a vertical position, with the heating rod in the bottom part.

KD-E ladder radiators
KD-E ladder radiators


Type Output Voltage Width Height Depth Weight Cat. No.
[W] [V] [mm] [mm] [mm] [kg]
KDO-E 450 x 960 300 230 V / 50 Hz 450 960 120 11.5 5441412
KDO-E 600 x 960 400 600 960 13.0 5441414
KDO-E 450 x 1320 400 450 1320 15.8 5441416
KDO-E 600 x 1320 600 600 1320 19.0 5441418
KDO-E 750 x 1680 900 750 1680 27.0 5441420