Supplementary products

The ULTRATHERM registered trademark originates from AZTEC Europe Ltd, a Scottish company. The products which have been manufactured under this name in accordance with demanding European standards for more than 20 years rank among the most widely used vivarium heaters in the world. Thanks to the principle of infrared radiation, they create conditions which are very close to the natural environment of the animals kept. AZTEC has been part of the FENIX holding group since 2008 and our range of standard heating systems has thus been extended to include this specific range of goods.
Ultratherm heating films and strips
Ultratherm heating foils and strips are also suitable as a 24 hour source of warmth, and they can be used under the bottom or outer walls of terrariums/vivariums.
ULTRATHERM panels utilize the principle of infrared radiation and are primarily designed for the localized heating and warming of spaces used for animal rearing, large terrariums and dog pens.
HT 600
A thermostat for the maintenance of air, water or soil temperature

Buildings as active elements of the energy system

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