KH-E ladder anthracite

The KH-E heating ladders, offered in black anthracite, bring a modern and stylish design of sharp angular curves as an elegant complement to the bathroom interior.
KH-E Ladder 490/970 anthracite

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KH-E Ladder 490/970 anthracite

Electric heating ladders are the most commonly used supplementary heater among bathroom radiators. The elegant and subtle design does not disturb the interior and the radiators simultaneously provide a practical drying function and a heat source for a comfortable and pleasant climate in your bathroom.

Type KH-E is a new type of heater, designed with an emphasis on modern elements of sharp angular curves. The elegance of this model is underlined by the dark anthracite grey colour in which it is offered.

The heaters are filled with antifreeze up to -5 °C, the 1 m long (3.5 m unwound) twisted power cord is equipped with a UniSchuko plug. Brackets for hanging the heater are included.


This product belongs to the category of controlled heaters. According to Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/1188 concerning Ecodesign requirements for space heaters, controlled heaters must be controlled by an external control device (thermostat), which is not part of the product and which complies with the above mentioned Regulation.


KH-E  Ladder 490/970 anthracite
KH-E  Ladder 490/1330 anthracite
KH-E  Ladder 600/970 anthracite
KH-E  Ladder 600/1330 anthracite

KH-E - flat heating elements

Type Output Voltage Width Height Depth Weight Cat. No.
[W] [V] [mm] [mm] [mm] [kg]
KH-E 450 x 970 300 230 V / 50 Hz 450 970 60 11.0 5441432
KH-E 600 x 970 400 600 970 13.4 5441434
KH-E 450 x 1330 400 450 1330 14.5 5441436
KH-E 600 x 1330 600 600 1330 18.0 5441438