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Frost Protection Test.
Results of the tests carried out by the Chambre d`agriculture de Bourgogne on our heating cables designed to protect vineyards from spring frosts.
The uniqueness of the HES stations lies not in the "All in One" solution but in the technical parameters and functions they provide. It is worth noting that the stations are prepared for so called "Second Life" batteries, i.e. electric vehicle accumulators, which significantly increases their usability and service life.
We will try to explain the "spot market" term and the conditions under which even ordinary households can trade electricity at wholesale prices. The aim is to introduce the topic to the general public in a simple way, so please accept our apology for any inaccuracies.
nZEB as an active element of the energy system. Cooperation between a 7.2 kWh rooftop PV system with a 26 kWh home battery and the energy supply network.
At present, the philosophical trend in the area of building heating is for investors to make every effort to invest as little as possible into new heating systems. This is objectively caused by the existing methods of ordering and constructing new buildings.
Fully electrified building in the nZEB standard as the active element of an energy system.
Vzorový rodinný dům
Because primary sources of energy are non-renewable, it is crucial to utilise them in an efficient and economical manner. The subject of this paper is the energy, economic and environmental analysis of the energy systems used in warm water floor heating as well as direct heating via resistance cables. This analysis is carried out for a specific detached house.

Buildings as active elements of the energy system

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