Plug thermostat with Wi-Fi connection

FENIX has expanded its range with a new Wi-Fi-enabled plug thermostat. The thermostat is designed especially for applications where a radiant heating panel or direct-heating convector is used as a supplementary heater with a requirement for remote control.
The plug-in thermostat is equipped with Wi-Fi technology
The plug-in thermostat is equipped with Wi-Fi technology

A new plug-in thermostat with Wi-Fi connectivity brings a simple solution for room temperature control. The thermostat can control heating - for example, a radiant panel, convector or heating ladder, but also a fan or air conditioner. It can also control an appliance with no connection to the room temperature - for example, lighting. The operation is very intuitive, the plug-in thermostat is controlled from an app on a mobile phone, or via a browser on a computer or tablet.

A significant advantage of the thermostat is its ease of installation. Simply plug it into an outlet, connect it to a Wi-Fi network and link it to a user account on the cloud. The thermostat can also act as a temporary, portable solution, for example, with the only requirement at the installation site being access to the internet via a Wi-Fi network.