Stories from FENIX Lab: S+ Short

The first part of the series of stories "Stories from FENIX Lab"
Stories from FENIX Lab
S+ Short

Let‘s imagine a hospital in Sydney, Australia. Individual hospital rooms are connected by corridors. We are here to design heating, so we run our eyes from side to side and automatically subconsciously look for a source of heat in the zigzag labyrinth. And we see it already… kilometers of intertwining tubes with peeling paint… Flashing fluorescent lamp… A jet of steam comes out of a rooster here… Brrr, like somewhere in horror.

Of course, the hospital management is looking for a different, space- and energy-efficient heating solution. Patients and visitors no longer want to be afraid to walk in the corridors.

What are we going to do? We will pull out the pipes and send them for recycling. Maybe they will make something useful out of them. We will replace flashing fluorescent lamps with LED ones and now the main change… We will install infrared heating panels S + Short in the same row between the lights.

Why Short? We originally thought of high-temperature S+ panels, but they achieve too high performance, so we would have to install them too far apart. In addition, due to the ceiling height of around 3 meters, exposure under the heater could be unpleasant. That would not be the perfect solution.

The short is long enough to fit between the lights and the power (600W / 800W) is just enough to evenly cover the need for heating while maintaining high thermal comfort. Well, yeah, now we are satisfied. One more project is successfully solved!

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