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FENIX at the World Exhibition Expo 2020
On Friday, October 1st, 2021, the EXPO 2020 World Exhibition was officially opened in Dubai at 10:00 local time. This is the very first General World Exhibition held in an Arab country.
Fenix Group a.s. met the conditions for the receipt of the "Top Rating" certificate as of the given date.
Obtaining a prestigious rating from Dun & Bradstreet, the world's number one rating agency.
Practical experience from the pilot installation in Omice II.
(May 2021) We measure what is important to us. What we measure, we can influence. We measure what is important to us. And what we measure, we can influence. We tested this principle in two example situations in Omice.
Certificat Czech Stability Award 2021.
In 2021 the award was granted to 5 FENIX companies – FENIX s.r.o., FENIX Trading s.r.o., FENIX GROUP a.s., FENIX SLOVENSKO s.r.o. and ELMARK d.o.o..
Prestigious AAA Award for ELMARK d.o.o.
ELMARK d.o.o. has received Bisnode’s AAA Prestigious Award.
Temperature drop in the water heater
(March 2021) In residential buildings, warm water heating is one of the most significant consumers of energy. Such distribution systems very typically incorporate a warm water circulation system which has two basic functions.
Fenix Group has received Bisnode’s AAA Platinum Award.
Fenix Group has received Bisnode’s AAA Platinum Award.
Award ceremony Czech TOP 100 in 2020
This year Award ceremony Czech TOP 100 was exceptionally held without traditional gala dinner, due to pandemic situation. On 27 November 2020, therefore, all competition results were published in a number of prestigious media, including national newspapers and Czech Television.
Home battery, tool for self-sufficiency
Three owners of the AES home battery station shared their experiences with the battery operating in their family houses.
Model building, simplified illustration
A study of the usability and perspectives of electric radiant heating systems in energy-efficient buildings in the Czech Republic and in Europe.


Buildings as active elements of the energy system

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