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Areas of PV on production halls
The area consists of a complex of renovated and new production halls with adjoining brownfield areas with potential for further development. Automated lines are widely used in the production processes, including cutting and bending centers for sheet metal processing, welding and handling robotic workplaces, powder coating facilities, and extrusion lines for cable production.
Container Configuration with a Capacity of 576 kWh
A multifunctional fully electrified building in Jeseník. It is an older building that underwent reconstruction in the mid-1990s.
Family House Kalvodova in Jeseník
A family two-story house after a complete renovation.
28th year of the Czech Top 100
The 28th edition of the Czech 100 Best competition took place on 1 December 2023 in the Sládkovský Hall and Smetana Hall of the Municipal House in Prague.
AERS s.r.o. was awarded the main Golden Amper prize for its SAS container battery storage system
The Amper trade fair is annually the largest event in the fields of electrical engineering, power engineering, wiring, electronics, digitalization, automation, ICT, lighting and security in the Czech Republic.
The KH-E electric heating ladders are available in elegant anthracite grey-black
We present to our customers new ladder radiators in black anthracite. They bring a modern and stylish design elegantly complementing the bathroom interior.
FENIX PLA filaments for 3D printing are available in six colours so far
3D printing is very practical and is also used by FENIX. Since we have the necessary technology and especially the experience in the production of heating cables, we decided to start the production of our own filaments and offer them to other customers.
Vice President of Fenix Group and Director of Aers Cyril Svozil Jr.
HES storage station is a smart, grid-independent, energy storage solution for your home.
The FENIX brand defended the Czech Business Superbrands 2022 award.
On Wednesday 21st September 2022, the Superbrands 2022 were bestowed to awarded brands. The FENIX brand has defended the title in the Business category.
Prestigious Grand Prix prize awarded to HES at the FOR ARCH 2022 fair.
FENIX won the prestigious Grand Prix award for its "smart" energy storage HES at FOR ARCH 2022, international building fair that was held recently.


Buildings as active elements of the energy system

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