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Presentation of the data for 2 years of co-operation of a 7.2 kWp roof PVE with a 26kWh home battery and a power grid.
Plně automatické ohýbací centrum
Industry 4.0 is in full swing at Fenix. This year we invested in the automation and robotisation of ECOSUN infrared heating panel production, and we have also started working on the automation of ECOFLOOR heating cable and mat production.
ČEEP 2017: Announcement of Awards
This year at the Bethlehem Chapel in Prague, prizes were once again traditionally awarded for the Building of the Year and Innovation of the Year. The ceremony was conducted in the presence of the rectors and deans of Czech technical universities, and included the giving of prizes for the best work by students.
Presentation of the data for 20 months of co-operation of a 7.2 kWp roof PVE with a 26kWh home battery and a power grid.
Czech Energy and Ecological Project - Building - Innovation
On November 21st our project – nZEB as an active part of smart grid has received the main prize awarded by an Association called the Czech Energy and Ecological Project - Building - Innovation in the Technology Innovation category.
one year of operation of the Jeseník shopping mall
On September 21, 2017, a meeting of the working group was held at the Old Town Hilton Hotel in Prague with the following persons present: Jan Baláč (ČEZ), Aleš Laciok (ČEZ), Pavel Círek (Energy Regulatory Office - ERU) (substitute for Pavel Šimončík – ERU), Dagmar Kopačková (TZB Info) (substitute for Jiří Zilvar – TZB), Lukáš Minařík (Ministry of the Environment), Karel Kabele (Czech Technical University - ČVUT), Miroslav Urban (ČVUT), Petr Wolf (University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings - UCEEB), Marek Maška (UCEEB), Konrádová (Ministry of Industry and Trade - MPO) (substitute for Jan Krkoška - MPO), Petr Bečvárovský (BMR), Roman Kalina (Sting), Cyril Svozil (Fenix), Kateřina Jezerská (Fenix), Josef Podlaha (Fenix), Miroslav Petr (Fenix), Pavel Kudelka (Fenix), Tadeáš Tesař (AERS), Tomáš Horský (AERS), Radek Musil (AERS), materials sent to ČEPS as requested
Co-operation of a 7.2 kWp roof PVE with a 26kWh home battery and a power grid. The battery serves not only for 100% in-house utilization of PVE energy, but also for active cooperation with the power grid, i.e. it is charged at the time of the low tariff (LT), during the high tariff (HT) time it takes full energy supply of the building.
For the 7th time in succession Fenix Trading has exhibited at ISH Frankfurt 2017 (14th–18th March), the world's leading trade fair for heating, bathrooms, building, energy, air-conditioning technology and renewable energies.
We are proud to announce Fenix's new vision "A new concept for buildings with nearly zero consumption" will be presented at the World Exhibition in Astana.
We are pleased to announce that our project Office center in Jesenik received a Special Prize for Environmental Achievement of the Year in the energy sector!


Buildings as active elements of the energy system

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