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Heated rubber S-MAT
Heated rubber mat for the protection of entrance clean-off zones in shops, shopping centres and other areas with foot traffic against snow and ice.
The D-MAT heating sheet
Heating sheet intended for outdoor use as anti-ice protection in industrial applications and in the building industry.
Heated rubber mat W-Mat
Heated rubber mat that protects employees against the effects of cold floors and thus increases the level of comfort in working areas significantly.
PDS1P heating cables
Heating cables used to speed up the curing of concrete in the winter period. They are intended for short-term use, and are employed once only; after the curing process has ended, the cables are disconnected and they remain in the concrete block.
Question: Is it possible to have electric floor heating as the main heating system for the whole house? Answer: Of course. Electric floor heating is a completely standard way of economically and ecologically heating buildings. We will be happy to provide a price quotation for your project. We only need...
Heated floor construction with F-BOARD insulation
This is a special floor insulation made from extruded polystyrene, intended to be used as a supplementary layer under Ecofloor heating mats and heating cables.
After the launch of S-MAT heating mats aimed at protecting entrance areas against snow and ice, we are now introducing a smaller version of the product – the heated rubber mat W-Mat.
Dear Customers, after many years of development in the area of high-quality ECOFLOOR cables and mats, FENIX has further extended customer benefits.
In the winter period, harsh climatic conditions can lead to complications on construction sites during repairs to damaged gas and water networks, excavation work etc. Such problems can be avoided with the help of FENIX electric heating systems.
"Snow is falling, snow on snow…" – a beautiful winter idyll. Everyone certainly enjoys looking out of their window at snow-covered countryside. However, it is worse when you have to clean up this white "gift" in order to get to your doorway or garage.


Buildings as active elements of the energy system

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