Heated rubber S-MAT

Heated rubber mat for the protection of entrance clean-off zones in shops, shopping centres and other areas with foot traffic against snow and ice.
Heated rubber S-MAT
Heated rubber S-MAT

The heated rubber mat is intended mainly for entry cleaning zones in shops and shopping centres but can be used anywhere where in winter periods the protection is required of surfaces for pedestrian/road transport – pavements – against snow and frost to enable the safe movement of users. The wear layer of the SM-W type mat is also fitted with heavy-duty carpet, which considerably increases the comfort of people walking on it. The surface of the bottom side of the mat is made of S2-type, 3 mm-thick patterned rubber; the wear layer is heavy-duty carpet, permitted load class 33-34. The mat can be laid on a protected surface during the whole winter period, or can be laid flexibly as needed. Advantages: effortless maintenance of the required areas from snow and black ice, simple installation and handling, Commercial loading – may also be loaded with lighter carts with rubber wheels. The mat is fitted with a 5m long connecting supply lead ending in a plug with an integrated residual current device (the mat has an IP rating of 65; the plug has an IP 54 rating) – therefore, specialized connection is not required for the activation of the device.

Heated rubber S-MAT
Heated rubber S-MAT - Construction
Heated rubber SM-W

S-MAT (Snowmat)

Type Output Dimensions [m] Thickness Weight Cat. No.
[W] Total Active [mm] [kg]
SM 1.5/460 460 1.00 x 1.55 0.82 x 1.44 8 15 5504505
SM-W 1.5/485 485 1.00 x 1.55 0.82 x 1.44 9.5 16.7 5504507