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Terrace Heater ECOSUN TH
ECOSUN Terrace Heaters are designed for the zonal heating of winter gardens, enclosed and roofed balconies and terraces, garden tents, churches, etc. - i.e., applications where they are protected against direct contact with the effects of the weather.
Ecosun S+ Anticor trio
These are ECOSUN S+ panels fitted with a special two-layer coating of powdered plastic intended for outdoor environments and with high resistance to corrosion. The panels are intended for environments where there is a danger of corrosion (air with a higher content of humidity, salts, etc.).
Question: Can Ecoflex convection heaters and Ecosun panels be installed on flammable bases? Answer: Ecoflex – can be installed on a flammable base as the structure of the attachment meets the requirements for installation on flammable bases...
More and more often do we find applications of our industrial radiant heating panels Ecosun S+ in offices or cafés as well as in homes.

Buildings as active elements of the energy system

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