Heating cable systems ECOFLOOR

There are a great many problems connected with the freezing of pipes in the winter. This doesn´t only concern water distribution pipes; other fluids used in industrial processes can also freeze or solidify. Supplementary heating is a reliable preventive measure.
PFP heating cable with a thermostat
An automatic heating cable with a thermostat; suitable for do-it-yourself installation. An ideal solution for residential buildings and smaller-scale applications.
Cable circuits ADPSV
Mainly ADPSV heating cables are used for the protection of pipes. They are connected to a wiring box and must be combined with an external thermostat. They are more suitable for larger buildings and industrial applications.
Self-regulating cables
Heating cables which change their output depending on the surrounding temperature. Unlike resistance cables, they can be shortened to any length. They are intended mainly for the protection of pipes or roof gutters and downpipes against ice and snow.

Buildings as active elements of the energy system

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