Radiant heating panels ECOSUN

ECOSUN ceiling panels utilise the principle of radiant heating (so-called infrared heating). The unique surface finish and uniform distribution of temperatures across the surface of the panel ensure the output of a maximum share of heat energy in the form of radiation, while reducing the convection element to a minimum.
ECOSUN GS – a glass radiant panels, which combine the elegant design of frameless GR panels and the versatility of ECOSUN G/E panels. Now also available with printed design!
Versatile radiant panels intended for residential as well as non-residential spaces, for installation on ceilings and suspended ceilings. They are suitable mainly for the heating of offices, shops, flats and family homes.
Ecosun K+ radiant panels are intended preferably for vertical installation. They are suitable for warming pews in churches, office desks, checkouts, etc.
Ecosun CR
Decorative radiant panels from sintered ceramic material will add a rustic mood to your space.
Glass radiant panels GR with simple towel rail
Glass as a material is a highly aesthetic and timeless addition to any interior space, and therefore it is intended not only for the heating of family homes and apartments but also for various formal interiors, halls or modern offices.

Buildings as active elements of the energy system

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